Local groups

Are you part of a sport club, Rotary Club, youth group, choir, or any other group looking to make a difference to your local community?

From historic livery companies of the City of London, to Rotary clubs, to sports and youth groups – whatever your connection to London is, you can help improve healthcare for those in your community.

You can pick us as your charity of the year, make a donation, or simply organise an event to help patients in the hospitals of East London. Whatever you choose, you’ll be doing something extraordinary.

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The difference you’ll make

However you want to change lives, we’ll support you. You can support us one-off, over the course of a fundraising event, or for longer.

If you have a particular cause close to your heart within the hospitals we support, you can choose to fundraise specifically for that area, or generally – where we ensure the money goes to where it’s most needed.

When working with us, we can offer you:

  • A charity representative to speak at your group meetings or AGM
  • Support at the end of the phone and by email whenever you need it
  • Collection tins and promotional materials
  • Places in challenge events, if available
Email Simon to get started
A nurse with a young patient


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By supporting Barts Charity, you’ll be helping your local hospital and the people of London.

It’s also a great way for you to raise awareness of your group, too!

To get started or find out more, please get in touch with Simon:

Simon Pitts

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