Trauma Survivor: Stephen Timms

In 2010 Stephen Timms MP was stabbed and rushed to The Royal London Hospital where the fast-acting trauma team saved his life. He recently shared his story with the Mirror in support of our Trauma Appeal.

Stephen recalls: “It was a pretty horrible experience. It was the Friday a week after the General Election in 2010 and I was all over the place."

The attacker had booked an appointment to discuss an employment issue with Stephen at his constituency surgery at the Beckton Globe in Newham, East London. It appeared as though the lady was leaning forward to shake Stephen's hand, but instead stabbed him twice in the stomach.

He says: “It just felt as though I’d been punched. But when I lifted up my jumper and saw a lot of blood I realised then that she had stabbed me. I felt faint.”

Surgeons at The Royal London Hospital, in Whitechapel, East London, cut between his two stab wounds so they could enter his abdomen and repair it.

Stephen’s surgeon, Lt Col Nigel Tai, admits he had a lucky escape.

He explains: “A knife injury to the area where Stephen was struck only had to be a centimetre or two deeper, or angled slightly differently, for the blade to cut the main blood vessel to the abdomen, its branches or the main vessel draining the liver.

“Such injuries can cause death in minutes. It was pure chance the blade did not damage these vessels.” 

You can read Stephen's Mirror article here.

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