How your donations will help

Trauma research works. It saves lives. But it’s desperately underfunded.

Funding has helped to double trauma survival rates in the last five years in London alone.

Imagine how many more lives you could help to save in the next five years - across the UK.

Trauma research gets less than 1% of medical research funding - less than skin conditions such as eczema - despite being one of the UK's biggest killers.

Funds from this appeal will support The Royal London Hopsital's Major Trauma Centre and QMUL's Centre for Trauma Sciences. The donations we receive will be used to fund research, innovation and care to save the lives of thousands of people who suffer trauma, and improve the outcome for those who do survive.  

Your donations will make such a big difference:

  • £10 could help fund a research project examining how to reduce major bleeding after severe injury.

  • £30 could pay for an hour of research by one of our trauma scientists.

  • £100 could help provide essential tools for trauma scientists to carry out their lifesaving work.

Some of the projects in need of funding:

  • Reducing the number of patients bleeding to death, the leading cause of preventable death from trauma

  • Examining how to avoid multiple organ failure 

  • Researching how the immune system could help defend the body 

  • Trialling treatments for traumatic brain injury

Help fund this research