We have a challenge for you. Give #1Hour of your time to help critically-injured patients in their 1st hour of survival.

#1Hour could save a life. What will you do?

#1Hour: What’s it all about?

The 1st hour after serious injury can be the difference between life and death. Trauma research is key to unlocking new ways to best treat patients immediately after serious injury.

So, we have a challenge for you. #1Hour of your time to raise vital funds for trauma research. Your #1Hour could save a life. What will you do?

Do this…

  1. Choose a challenge (we have some ideas below) and set a date to do it
  2. Pay in your fundraising or donation – big or small – on JustGiving
  3. Share on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram with #1Hour – we've even prepared a tweet for you:

In my #1Hour I <insert challenge>. What will you do? Nominate <insert friends> http://bartscharity.org.uk/get-involved/appeals/transform-trauma/1-hour/ #TransformTrauma

Find your challenge:

Getting involved is really easy.

Donating an hour’s salary. Making lunch rather than buying it and donating the difference. Get friends over for coffee and cake. Lunch Hour-Lympics. Whether you want an easy, challenging, or plain wacky #1Hour idea – we’ve got it for you.

Download our #1Hour Guide to get started:


#1Hour guide