Our focus on fundraising: working hard for your hospital
We want to raise more money at your hospital, for your hospital. Read on to find out about our new, proactive approach to fundraising and the changes you’ll start to see on site.
Photo of new Barts Charity wall vinyl. Featuring Jo Bakah saying thank you
A way to say thank you

We know that patients and their families are often grateful for the amazing care you give them. And many of them tell us that they want to give something back to say thank you.

We want to make sure everyone knows that Barts Charity is the dedicated charity for your hospital. We also want to make it easy for people to choose to show their support by donating or fundraising.

That’s why we’re going to be taking a more proactive approach to fundraising in the hospitals in the coming months. We’re excited to work with you and make an even bigger difference for your patients!

What’s new?

We’re going to:

  • be more visible on site by installing new, large-scale Barts Charity branding
  • make giving easier by rolling out contactless ‘tap to donate’ points in every hospital
  • engage with staff more often, in more ways, so we get to know you better
  • provide you with a tool to help you talk to patients about giving – a new patient donation postcard 
Behind the scenes

What did our models have to say about being featured larger than life? Check out these behind the scenes interviews here:

Newham staff member Jo Bakah
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A big thank you to all staff who are part of the new approach!

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