Funds with a restricted or specific purpose
We manage funds donated for a restricted or specific purpose which we may be able to use to help fund your idea. 
Barts Charity funding - baby massage

Our SPF expenditure guidelines have changed. Please review the updated guidelines.

In order to improve efficiency and security there is now a new SPF claim process in place. Once your request has been approved by the fund holder you will receive an email from with a link allowing you to add your bank details to enable payment. If you have any questions about this please contact the team

If you know about a restricted or specific purpose fund you’d like to support your idea from, you think your idea will fit the purpose of the fund, and you require between £20-£5,000 in funding to make happen, please follow the simple process below.  

If you aren’t sure, or your idea is over £5,000, please contact the Funding and Impact team  who can work with you and offer advice and support. If you’re looking for funding to enhance patient care or staff wellbeing, check our Healthcare Delivery Improvement Grant  page. 

How to access this funding

For ideas below £5,000:

Stage 1: Get authorisation 

Before you make a purchase, you’ll need to get authorisation from a fundholder.  If you make the purchase without getting fundholder approval beforehand, we may not be able to reimburse you/pay the invoice. If you’re not sure who your fundholder is, please email us.

Please read our Funding Guidelines for requests under £5,000 as these contain important information

Stage 2: Make the payment

Either use your personal bank account or ask the supplier to address the invoice to the relevant department but add c/o Barts Charity.

Stage 3: Use the Online Claims form to be reimbursed

Fill in our online claims form and upload your receipt or invoice.

The claim will be sent to the fundholder for formal authorisation and once approved, you’ll be reimbursed directly into your bank account, or payment will be made to the supplier.

We have regular payment dates detailed below. A BACS payment will appear in your account on the date given. As we need to release BACS payments three working days prior to the payment date, it’s important that payment requests are submitted by the deadline.

Submission deadlines and payment dates

Payments from Special Purpose Funds and grant awards are made twice per month on the dates below. Please note that there is only one payment date in July and December.

BACS payments will appear in accounts on the date given.  As we need to release BACS payments three working days prior to the payment date, payment requests need to be submitted by the deadline.

Please note we may need to change these dates if unforeseen circumstances arise.

Month Deadline for submission Payment date
April 09/04/2021
May 14/05/2021 21/05/2021
June 08/06/2021
July 08/07/2021
August 10/08/2021
September 09/09/2021
October 08/10/2021
November 09/11/2021
December 16/12/2021 23/12/2021
January 10/01/2022
February 08/02/2022
March 09/03/2022

Important information regarding donations

As you may be aware, the Charity only accepts voluntary income i.e. a freely given donation.

A donation is not freely given if: 

• It is a payment for service provision, for example, Trust staff providing services in their capacity as Trust employees (this includes the provision of work experience, course fees, report fees, etc.)

• Any income for which the donor expects something in return, for example, marketing/publicity/recognition, etc.

Please can you ensure that where the donor requires a grant/sponsorship agreement to be signed or an invoice submitted, details are provided in advance to the Charity to ensure the arrangement is acceptable.

How colleagues have used funding with a restricted or special purpose

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