Our funding strategy

Our strategy aims to put Barts Charity funds to best use by being the catalyst for further funding and to give researchers the start they need.

We fund healthcare innovation by supporting the remarkable work of staff and researchers at

  • Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry  at Queen Mary University of London (SMD)
  • Barts Health NHS Trust hospitals (BH)
  • City University School of Nursing

We do this by funding research, training, state-of-the-art equipment and innovative healthcare projects. Whilst we may have only a few funding partners, we adhere to a strict funding strategy to ensure that the Charity's capital is applied in the ways that will deliver the biggest impact in healthcare and most benefits to patients.

Our strategic operating principles
  • We focus on areas that are identified by both BH and SMD as having potential for transformational change, helping to deliver their longer-term vision
  • We will not fund projects if we think they can secure funding from other institutions
  • Our funding plays a catalytic role to obtain funds from other external funders - we often 'pump prime’ projects to facilitate the collection of pilot data to allow a high quality competitive grant application to a research council
  • We seek to fund projects that have a clear 5-10 year vision on how Charity's funding will leverage significant further funds

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What we do

We support patients in the hospitals of Barts Health NHS Trust, funding research, equipment and community projects.

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