Healthcare Innovation Grant from £50,000 to £500,000
We want to help develop and introduce innovation at Barts Health NHS Trust hospitals and beyond. We’d love to hear your ideas and proposals to deliver positive change through innovation.
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Level of funding: £50,000 – £500,000

Duration of funding: Up to 3 years

Purpose: To support great ideas to develop and introduce innovation focused on delivering even better healthcare at Barts Health hospitals. Ideas should be aligned with hospital strategies and long-term plans.

We’re interested in funding projects that can make a positive and long-lasting change at Barts Health NHS Trust hospitals and have the potential to impact the wider healthcare sector. 

In your application for a grant, we’ll look for:   

  • The benefit on patients and/or staff 
  • A clear plan to make it happen 
  • Originality, innovation and inventiveness  
  • Plans and commitment to making the project sustainable beyond Barts Charity funding and/or lead to a lasting change 
  • Plans to monitor and evaluate the impact and share your findings and outcomes (both locally and in the wider healthcare sector, if appropriate) 
  • Why the project should be supported by charitable funds 
  • How your idea aligns with the hospital’s plans. 
  • Support from the appropriate boards at your hospital  

Who can apply

If you are employed by Barts Health NHS Trust (and will be for the duration of the grant), you can apply for funding as the main applicant.

You can apply with up to 3 co-applicants. They may be external to the Trust, but you’ll need to explain why their specific expertise is needed. The focus of the project must be the Barts Health hospitals.

What we can fund

Please see the Barts Charity grants cost policy for what types of cost can be requested. 

How to apply

Stage 1: Expression of Interest

We consider applications twice a year. Firstly, you’ll need to complete an Expression of Interest at the link below. 

This will help us to advise you whether your project is something we might be able to fund, before asking you to complete a preliminary application.

Stage 2: Preliminary Application

If it fits, you will be invited to submit a preliminary application via our online application form. This will be triaged by our Grants Committee.

Stage 3: Full Application

If you are then are invited to submit a full application, we’ll send a link to our online application form, along with the relevant endorsement documents.

All full applications must:

  • be fully costed and agreed by the relevant Barts Health NHS Trust Finance Office
  • include a completed endorsement form
  • include a letter of support from your Head of Department, Clinical Board, Hospital Board or Senior Leadership, as appropriate.


We have two calls for Healthcare Innovation Grants a year:

Latest for receipt of Expression of Interest

25 Feb 2020

1 July 2020

Preliminary application deadline

8 April 2020

30 August 2020

Full application deadline

22 July 2020

 25 Nov 2020

Committee meeting

Autumn 2020

Spring 2021

Funding decision and review

The Barts Charity Grants Committee makes the funding decision on Healthcare Delivery Innovation applications. The Grants Committee are supported by assessment and recommendations from external peer-review. You can provide a rebuttal to external peer-review comments on your application before Grants Committee consideration.

How colleagues have used Healthcare Innovation Grants

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