Expression of interest - Healthcare Delivery Improvement Grant

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Thank you for your interest in our Healthcare Delivery Improvement Grant scheme.

This form will allow you to outline your proposed project to the Barts Charity Funding and Impact Team. We will use this information to advise you whether your project is something we might be able to fund.

If you have any questions, or if we can support you in the application process by applying reasonable adjustments, please contact

Section 1: Application summary

Project Outline 

Please provide a brief summary of your proposed project. 

When writing your summary, you should consider the following 5 points:

  1. Background – What problem does your project hope to address? 
  2. Aim(s) – What do you hope to achieve and how will this solve the identified problem?
  3. Work plan – How will you implement your idea? 
  4. Evaluation – How will you measure the success of your project?
  5. Sustainability - How will you make the project sustainable beyond Barts Charity funding and/or how will the project lead to a lasting change? 

You can expand this box by clicking on the bottom right corner and dragging it to the desired size.

Why this project is more suitable for Charity support than funding from other sources e.g. within the NHS, local council etc?

If you are invited to submit a full application, we will ask for written approval to use funds from an SPF for this project from two fundholders.
Cost summary

  • We will only fund the direct costs of the project.
  • Please see our Cost Policy for details of allowed/disallowed costs.
  • We expect that most of the project’s costs would be incurred in Barts Health NHS Trust. We will consider providing funds to other collaborating organisations on a case-by-case basis.
  • We encourage you to work with your Finance Office to estimate the costs required for this project.
Please enter a whole number value in pound sterling (£)

Section 2: Applicants

Guidance: The project team consists of a Lead Applicant and up to three Co-Applicants.

The Lead Applicant will be the main contact for the application and award, if successful, and is responsible for grant administration and reporting.
Lead Applicant details

Co-Applicant details

Project team