Grants Monitoring

Reporting on the progress of your project is crucial. As well as allowing us to see the positive changes you’ve made, it helps us in communicating the impact of the projects we fund – vital in enabling our supporters to see the difference we make to patients’ lives.

If you receive a small project grant, we’ll ask you to complete a summary report at the end of the project.

If you’ve received a large project grant, we’ll ask you to provide a little more information. As part of the grant application, we’ll ask how you expect your project will benefit patients and positively impact human health. Your reports will help us assess:

  • The progress you are making
  • Whether project risks are being addressed
  • Whether you achieved the expected impact

We’ll ask you to complete an interim report, twice a year, to keep us up-to-date on any developments with your project. At the end of your project, you must complete a detailed end-of-project report.

Examples of impacts/outcomes you should include in your reports are:

  • How clinical outcomes or patient wellbeing will be improved
  • Number of patients likely to benefit
  • Changes to health policy or practice resulting from your project
  • Further grant funding leveraged from the Barts Charity grant
  • Media coverage
  • Publications

Making a noise! 

An impactful project is something we may want to share through our communications channels – including our website, emails to supporters, newsletters, and social media. If we want to use your project as an example of the impact our funding makes, we will always contact you to ask your permission before publishing anything on your work.

If you would like to use our logo on any of your promotional materials, please see our guidelines

Please contact your Grants Adviser if you have any questions on our reporting requirements.

What we do

We support patients in the hospitals of Barts Health NHS Trust, funding research, equipment and community projects.

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