How we work with our partners

We’re proud to work closely with our partners Barts Health NHS Trust and Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry at Queen Mary University of London (SMD).

Our collaboration drives life-changing improvements to healthcare across the Barts Health hospitals and further afield.

Over the last 5 years we’ve given £104 million to support the work of our partners at Barts Health and SMD. Any member of staff at the two institutions can apply for our grants for projects large and small. We also actively focus on funding areas of health which are a priority for our partners, such as cancer, cardiac and trauma.

Our long-established partnership is successful through…

  •  Building on excellence

Our partners are two of the UK’s leading healthcare institutions. Our funding helps them build upon renowned levels of care and world leading research.

  • Supporting our partners’ strategies

To maximise the impact of our funding, we focus on areas of excellence that reflect the joint strategic priorities of Barts Health and SMD.

  • Integrating research and clinical care

Research at SMD is tightly integrated with Barts Health services. This helps clinicians contribute to research, enables more patients to take part in studies, and means that advances in research can be translated more quickly into clinical practice.

  •  Funding where others won't

To ensure the impact of our funding, we fund projects that would not attract support from other sources, be that the NHS or other external funders.

  • Offering catalytic funding

We hope that our funding will lead to other funders getting on board. We often ‘pump prime’ research, meaning that our funding helps researchers generate preliminary data and bring in millions of extra pounds from larger funders. Our funding also enables Barts Health to pilot innovative care projects, paving the way for their wider adoption in the NHS.

  • Local, national, global

Barts Health serves an ethnically diverse population. Research that we fund provides key insights to improve care for local people, and the ethnic diversity also means the findings are relevant to many other countries around the world.


What we do

We support patients in the hospitals of Barts Health NHS Trust, funding research, equipment and community projects.

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