Our history

Our support of St Bartholomew’s Hospital dates back nine centuries, and of The Royal London Hospital three centuries, during which time donations from the people of London have helped patients receive the healthcare they need.

900 years of caring

We can trace our origins back to 1123, when Rahere – a courtier to King Henry I – founded St Bartholomew’s Priory and St Bartholomew’s Hospital. When Henry VIII closed the Priory in 1539, there was outcry among the citizens of London at the possible loss of their hospital too. In 1546, Henry granted the Hospital to the City of London, re-endowing it with properties and income.

Looking to the future

We are dedicated to continuing our history of care and innovation in all of the Barts Health hospitals.

The work you support today is helping to write the history of tomorrow.

Barts Charity today

What we do

We support patients in the hospitals of Barts Health NHS Trust, funding research, equipment and community projects.

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Get involved and help us do more for patients in the hospitals we support. From runs to bake sales, you can do something extraordinary.

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