New PlasmaJet equipment to treat patients with ovarian cancer

New “PlasmaJet” equipment is helping patients with ovarian cancer, using an accurate vaporising technique.

We’re dedicated to

Improving treatments for cancer patients, and helping to provide medical staff with the best equipment.

The difference we’re making

  • Funding a new way for surgeons to remove cancerous tissue from tricky places in patients with ovarian cancer
  • Helping to reduce the need for more drastic measures in these patients, such as removal of part of the bowel
  • Enabling innovation: PlasmaJet works like a surgical “blowtorch”, using gas to vaporise cancerous tissue
  • Providing state-of-the-art equipment for NHS staff thanks to your donations
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What the hospital staff are saying

“We have shared our experience with our colorectal surgical colleagues who are now also using this device to enhance their surgical outcomes.”

– Elly Brockbank, Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist

Staff member demonstrating PlasmaJet

Funding extraordinary healthcare

Early use of PlasmaJet suggests it will help as many as 60% of Barts Health patients who need surgery for advanced ovarian cancer.

By providing ground-breaking equipment not otherwise funded by the NHS, your donations are helping patients receive extraordinary healthcare.


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