Early help for people with arthritis

Our funding helped to establish The Barts Early Arthritis Referral Centre, which sees patients within two weeks of referral and has increased remission rates by 40%.

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Responding to unmet medical needs.

Traditional rheumatoid arthritis treatment methods apply drugs on a trial and error basis, but this proves ineffective for up to 40% of patients, leaving them in continuing pain and discomfort.

The difference we’re making

  • Creating a new facility which sees arthritis patients within two weeks of GP referral
  • Tailoring treatments - developing new tests to help identify which drug is best suited to the individual patient
  • Improving remission rates for this debilitating disease – 24% in remission compared to the 17% national average
  • Saving the NHS money by funding research that ensures drug treatments are more likely to be effective 
  • Improving the research science in this area - the Centre has gone on to have 96 papers published in medical journals of national and international importance
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What the hospital staff are saying

“We wanted to help the thousands of people suffering because they weren't getting the right treatment early enough. What we have achieved would have been impossible without Barts Charity's funding.”

– Costantino Pitzalis, Head of Centre for Experimental Medicine & Rheumatology

Funding extraordinary healthcare

We were one of the first funders of the Barts Early Arthritis Referral Centre, enabling its creation. The first clinic was at Mile End Hospital and now there is a second clinic at Newham University Hospital.

The Centre sees around 2,500 patients a year.

The Centre is continuing its research into better treatments for arthritis sufferers, currently running 12 medical trials.

It is also developing a mobile app to improve how patients monitor and record their disease and their response to treatment.

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