Sexual health bus

We’re helping more people in the east London community access sexual health services, using a “sexual health bus”.

We’re dedicated to

Ensuring our community has access to the health services they need, even if they can’t always visit their local clinics. 

The difference we’re making

  • Funding a specially-converted sexual health bus
  • Increasing access to important health services
  • Focusing on topics that are most relevant to each local area
  • Offering testing services and a space for people to talk confidentially
  • Reaching out to the local community at music festivals and other events


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What the hospital staff are saying

“We know that east London has some of the country's highest rates of sexually transmitted infections. This is why we are committed to taking testing out of the clinical setting and directly to local people.

"It's important that people protect themselves and their partners. Testing should no longer be seen as taboo – it could be a matter of life and death."

– Gary Huggan, sexual health advisor at Barts Health NHS Trust

Barts Charity with the sexual health bus at a music festival

Funding extraordinary healthcare

We’ve also helped achieve more progress for our community, including:

  • Addressing wider issues linked to sexual health, such as drug and alcohol abuse and domestic violence
  • Visiting communities across east London, as well as one-off events such as markets and festivals – including Lovebox and Citadel, where 700 people took the opportunity for sexual health screening
  • Tailoring services to what’s most relevant for each local population


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