Helping families cope with their child's autism diagnosis

Parents of children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are finding support and guidance from three information videos that we’ve funded – created by Barts Health’s ASD Assessment Service.


We’re dedicated to

Finding new and effective ways of communicating with patients and their families about the conditions which affect their lives.

In the videos parents talk about their feelings and experiences, and specialist staff give information about living with ASD and about the Barts Health assessment process for diagnosing the condition.

 The difference we’re making

  • Helping families of children with ASD to understand the condition and how it will affect day-to-day living
  • Reassuring parents of children with suspected ASD so that they know what to expect in the Barts assessment process
  • Recognising that families need time to come to terms with an ASD diagnosis
  • Providing information that families can access at a time and place to suit them, not limited to a single hospital appointment
  • Empowering parents by having other parents share their advice and encouragement in the videos
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What the hospital staff are saying

“Having other parents talk about what to expect is particularly enlightening – newly diagnosed families are getting information from somebody who has lived through the experience.

They can sometimes speak a lot more powerfully than a professional can, and from their own point of view.”

Suzy Laird – Occupational Therapist, Barts Health ASD Assessment Service

Funding extraordinary healthcare

ASD can be a shocking diagnosis as it is a lifelong condition. Staff at the Barts Health ASD Assessment Service realised that a single session was sometimes not enough for parents to understand properly the information the staff were giving them – and where to get additional help and support.

The videos mean that parents can access this information at a time to suit them, once they feel more ready to engage with the diagnosis. They can also watch the video more than once, so there is less chance of the information being misunderstood or forgotten.

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