In memory

Fundraising in memory of a loved one is a wonderful way to keep their legacy alive. By organising an event or trying something a bit more challenging you can come together with friends and family to remember and celebrate the life of someone special, and at the same help patients get the extraordinary care that they deserve.

Organising your own event

You might like to follow your own passions or take inspiration from the person who has died. Did they enjoy baking? Comedy? Golf?

Our fundraising toolkit has more information and practical advice for your event, but if you need any help, please get in touch.

When you’re ready to pay in what you’ve raised, you can do so on our donate page and tell us who the donation is in memory of.


There are many types of challenge to choose from and you can find more information on our challenges page.

If you use a JustGiving page to collect your donations you can add the name of your loved one to tell everyone that you’re raising money in their name. 


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In memory

Donations in honour of someone special are a wonderful tribute that will directly help to transform the lives of patients in the hospitals we support.

Donate in memory