Creation of the Barts Heart Centre has given us the opportunity to save over 11,000 lives over the next five years.

Will you help make this goal a reality?

Why we need your help

In parts of London, the early mortality rate from heart disease is one of the worst in England. It doesn’t need to be. We can do more for our community and beyond. We can put research into practice and we can fund state-of-the-art equipment. We can save more lives – with your help.

Who you’ll be helping

Your donation will fund research, equipment and projects in pursuit of extraordinary healthcare for all.

Can you help someone get the care they need?

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Changing lives together: Meet Ben

Dr Ben O’Brien is Clinical Director of Perioperative Medicine at the Barts Heart Centre.

“We give patients the best care possible, whether it is Sunday morning at 3am or Wednesday afternoon at 3pm. We’re always here.

“For patients and staff alike, having access to the best equipment backed up by strong research is more important than ever. Barts Charity is supporting us to build the most cutting-edge infrastructure and sophisticated imaging for any cardiac centre.

“Your support to help us keep at the forefront of cardiac medicine means more lives can be saved year after year.”

100% of every gift helps staff and patients alike – in pursuit of extraordinary cardiac care.

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A doctor and patient

Your support is making the difference, every day

With your support we can provide amazing projects and equipment like:


  • A portable machine to monitor heart function

The echocardiography machine enables critical care specialists to keep a closer eye on heart function in seriously ill patients.

  • Researching new cardiac equipment

Our impella pump study: examining the effectiveness of a temporary heart pump to improve the condition of critically unwell patients.

  • Studies into community heart health

Our HAPPY London research study provides a free health check to calculate heart risk, helping our community improve their lifestyle and prevent heart disease.

Other ways to help


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