Barts Charity Ambassadors

Whatever their connection to our cause, Barts Charity Ambassadors support and champion our work in meaningful ways as widely as they can.

We are grateful to these committed individuals whose hard work is crucial in helping us do more for the millions of people who rely on the hospitals we support.

Our Ambassadors help us in the following ways:

  • Introducing us to potential supporters
  • Providing expert advice in key areas
  • Making a financial contribution
  • Communicating our work

Other ways you can get involved


Want to organise your own event? We're here to support you. Bake sales, quiz nights – your options are endless. You can also get collection tins, find out how to fundraise in memory or...

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Find out how you could make a crucial difference by joining #TeamExtraordinary and being a Barts Charity volunteer.

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