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Our leading Children’s Hospital cares for 40,000 young patients a year, offering a full range of routine and specialist services, including: trauma, neuro rehab, orthopaedics, cystic fibrosis, gastroenterology and sickle cell disease. When the Children’s Hospital was founded in 1867, 40% of local children did not survive beyond their 10th birthday. Based at The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, the Children’s Hospital now serves one of the most diverse and deprived communities in Europe, with 50% of children living in poverty. Many of the children have complex, life-threatening or terminal conditions requiring prolonged hospital stays.

The facts

  • 124 beds
  • 121,937 attendances in 09/10
  • Busiest paediatric A&E in London seeing over 35,000 children each year
  • Referrals received from across London, the UK and internationally
  • A diverse patient population with high rates of infant mortality, malnutrition and HIV
  • 60% increase in stab-related admissions in under 16s between 2003-07


Walk this way

Thousands of children each year are benefiting from life-changing treatment for clubfoot that has been brought to The Children’s Hospital, offering them an innovative and highly successful method of treatment.

Stunning new sky garden planned for Children's Hospital

A spectacular sky garden is being planned for the new Children’s Hospital which will provide areas for clinical and play staff to carry out rehabilitation and stimulation for the thousands of paediatric patients that come through the hospital.