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Barts Health Heart Centre treats over 9,000 people each year, providing specialist treatments to patients suffering heart attacks, heart failure and congenital abnormalities, including some of the most critically ill. Almost 800,000 people in the UK suffer from heart failure; 40% die within a year and every two minutes someone suffers a heart attack. The Centre is home to the UK’s largest heart attack centre – a dedicated unit which has reduced the mortality rate of heart attack patients by 50%. This is primarily through the innovative use of a minimally invasive procedure which unblocks the troubled artery, dealing directly with the cause of the attack within 90 minutes. The Centre also carries out pioneering treatments using state-of-the-art imaging and diagnostic equipment, and conducts research to develop revolutionary therapies

The facts

  • Home to the UK’s largest heart attack centre
  • Treats nearly twice as many patients as any other centre in London
  • Over 1,000 heart attack patients treated each year
  • 8,520 heart-related operations each year
  • Serves a population of almost two million people from the City of London to the M25
  • One of the few centres in the country with an MRI scanner dedicated to and adapted for cardiac imaging 
Beating heart disease

The use of stem cell therapy in patients with heart damage at The London Chest Hospital has gained international interest and is offering cardiac patients amazing results in replacing and repairing damaged heart tissue.

Rethinking recovery

Pioneering doctors have brought a new, minimally invasive technique to cardiac patients, enabling them to carry out procedures by inserting a catheter through a small vessel in the arm.