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Barts Cancer Centre offers state-of-the-art screening, diagnosis and treatment to two million people in East London and The City. In addition, our world class centre acts as a tertiary referral centre, treating some of the rarest and most serious cases in the UK including retinoblastoma, testicular cancer and mesothelioma.
Cancer affects one in three people in the UK, with over 2,800 new patients being treated at Barts every year. Leading experts at the hospital are at the forefront of cancer research, driving innovations which constantly evolve clinical practice and treatment. As a result, our patients are some of the first to benefit from pioneering therapies and new treatments.
The facts
  • One of the most advanced cancer centres in Europe
  • One of only two cancer centres in the UK treating retinoblastoma
  • The only NHS centre in London offering gamma knife treatment
  • Part of an experimental cancer medicine centres network
  • The first centre to offer fertility-sparing surgery for cervical cancer patients 
The road to treating mesothelioma

Donors drive research into Mesothelioma, a rare and devastating cancer caused by exposure to asbestos

A cut above

Patients at Barts Breast Care Centre are benefiting from a new biopsy tool that is significantly improving the power of diagnosis.