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Contact us

Barts Charity
Ground Floor
12 Cock Lane

Tel: 020 7618 1717
Fax: 020 7248 9395

Email: blcharity@bartshealth.nhs.uk


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Chief Executive Office

Chief Executive – Andrew Douglas
Director of Legal & Governance – Fiona Bickley 


Tel: 020 7618 1720
Email: appeals@bartshealth.nhs.uk
Director of Community and Communications - Aneta Saunders
Director of Development – Belinda Dee 


Tel : 020 7618 1715
Email: bartscharitygrantsteam@bartshealth.nhs.uk
Director of Grants – Dr Laura Wilson


Tel: 020 7618 1733
Email : _Thecharityfinanceteam@bartshealth.nhs.uk
Director of Finance – Arati Patel