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Charity of the year

We are keen to hear from any corporates who are making decisions about Charity of the Year partnerships. Although Barts Charity is mostly associated with healthcare, we are able to find a good fit with other themes such as education and social deprivation. Given the extensive range of projects and departments that we support across the three hospitals and associated medical school, many are relevant to criteria that fall outside those obviously related to healthcare.

What support will you receive?

The fundraising team is experienced and professional, willing and able to meet your demands during the Charity of the Year selection process. This includes writing proposals and applications, presenting to selection committees and canvassing support to win employee votes. Once we are chosen as your preferred partner, we will encourage total employee engagement as well as financial contributions.

Each of our Charity of the Year partners is assigned a dedicated ‘Account Manager’ who manages every aspect of the partnership, including internal communications and events, employee fundraising, donations and volunteering. Your Account Manager will also be responsible for providing feedback and status reports so that you can monitor the success of the partnership.

Please contact a member of the fundraising team if you would like to discuss how we could work with you as your Charity of the Year partner. 

How will we engage your employees?

  • We can organise induction events at your offices that will give your employees the chance to meet our clinicians and hospital staff and find out more about the worthy projects they will be supporting throughout the year.
  • We can arrange hospital tours for employees who wish to learn more about the cause.
  • We will provide internal communications tools such as posters, leaflets and content for your intranet and internal emails.
  • We will support employees who wish to fundraise by suggesting activities to suit a range of interests, and providing materials such as sponsorship forms, balloons and running vests. Please click here to find out more about some of the exciting events you could participate in.
  • We will offer volunteering and engagement activities for those who would like to get involved at grassroots level. Please click here to download more information on corporate volunteering.