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Fab Heart Fund for the London Chest Hospital

16 Aug 2012

(Pictured - Fabrice Muamba (centre) with Dr. Andrew Deaner (left) and Dr. Sam Mohiddin (right) who treated him at the London Chest Hospital)

Barts and The London Charity are proud to be supporting the Fab Heart Fund. This fund will help to provide first class cardiac services and research at the London Chest Hospital.

The research will focus on a number of heart conditions that can be inherited genetically or can develop later on in life.

Shockingly cardiac conditions are the most common causes of death in fit and healthy young adults and in competitive athletes. Their impact made the international news headlines recently when premier league footballer Fabrice Muamba suffered a heart attack on the football pitch during the Bolton Wanderers versus Tottenham Hotspur game.

Fabrice’s life was saved thanks to a team of specialists at the London Chest Hospital who are now looking for funding to further develop their patient offering and to help them conduct ground-breaking research.

Please donate now to support this fantastic cause and select 'Fab Heart Fund' from the drop down menu.